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Emphasising safety when it comes to fitted blinds on the Fylde Coast

When it comes to fitted blinds safety and safety devices for blind cords, Devonshire Blinds takes security and safety seriously. Creating and fitting blinds across Thornton-Cleveleys and the Fylde Coast, we’re committed to minimising danger and risk now and into the future. Take a look at Devonshire Blinds’ commitment to fitted blinds safety and what we do to protect you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

No all blinds are custom made to order. We find that readymade blinds do not come anywhere near the quality we require.

As all blinds are custom made they can be almost any size you wish.

We always strive to complete orders as quickly as possible. As all our items are made to order, lead times can vary quite significantly depending on the type of blinds, stock availability and our current workload. As a general rule of thumb, we usually say to allow 10 to 12 working days for your order to be manufactured.

We are a truly independent blind manufacturer. This means that we can pick and choose the blind systems that work best from different suppliers. Also, as we are not tied to one supplier, we can offer you a variety of solutions. All of our staff are full time employees who are trained and paid a salary – we do not have any part time agents on a commission basis. This means that our staff can advise you on what will work best for you and are not motivated to sell a particular product that will earn them more money. Finally, and most importantly, as a local family firm we care about our reputation. We don’t have large amounts to spend on TV advertising every year so it’s important we have happy customers who keep coming back and recommending us.

Unlike a number of other small companies, we don’t continuously relocate. Once companies’ cease trading, this ends any guarantee you might have with them and also in future if you need any repairs. As most blind companies use different systems, it can very difficult to obtain parts. We have been trading continuously for over 20 years and are here to stay.  We have a showroom at our production facility in Thornton where you can view the blinds we supply and you can come and speak to us – we are not just a phone number in an advert. What’s probably most important to prospective customers is that we are big enough to have a great selection to offer but small enough to still care about what we do. We are genuinely passionate about making people’s windows look good and making customers happy.
The majority of our blinds are manufactured in our own workshop by our staff. This includes all of the vertical blinds, roller blinds and panel blinds. Other styles of blinds are manufactured on our behalf by a select group of companies who share our belief in quality, value and service.

Yes we cover the entire Fylde coast and over Wyre areas right the way up to the Preston boundary.

Yes, we supply blinds to a number of commercial properties across the Fylde coast.

Child safety and safety devices for blind cords

Child safety around blinds is serious. From safety devices for blind cords to general safety measures, our Fylde Coast team ensures that all blinds meet our strict high standards.

Our vertical blinds are made using the Mono-command® cordless wand operated system. This removes the control cord and chain from the blind completely

All roller blind control chains now come with double EasyBreak connectors installed as standard. This means that if a force of 8lb or more is applied to the looped chain it will break apart then can be easily clipped back together. As long as the control chain is more than 60cm from the floor, the safety connector complies with regulations. You can add a chain tidy to limit access or use a cleat to secure the control out of reach. On internally beaded double glazed windows we can use our INTU® no drill roller system with no control cords on the blind. For the ultimate in luxury and child safety motorised blinds are a great option.

Our aluminium Venetian blinds are manufactured so that when the blind is in the closed position the control cords are at least 150cm from the floor. When the blind is drawn the cords will lengthen, reducing the distance to the floor. This means that a cleat must also be installed at a height of 150cm. This allows the cord to be wrapped around it to limit access by maintaining the 150cm from the floor spacing. On our most popular 25mm size slats the cleat can be installed on the wand used to tilt the blind, removing the need to fit the cleat to the wall or window frame.

Mirage blinds and Roman require that chains must be an unbroken continuous loop. This means that the controls on all mirage and Roman blinds must be at least 150cm from the floor and a cord tidy must be fitted.

All wooden blinds feature as standard non-looped cords to control the tilt mechanism for the blind whilst the raise controls contains a breakaway child safety clip to help prevent accidents. When manufactured the cords must be 150cm from the floor when the blind is in the closed position. In addition to this, a cord cleat must be installed 150cm from the floor to secure out of reach when the blind is drawn.

All of panel blind systems are operated with a wand. This completely removes all cord from the blind.

For pleated blinds, Louvolite’s Perfect-Fit® system can be used to house the pleated blind, removing the free hanging control cords. For the traditional style of pleated blinds a cord cleat must be used to secure the cords 150cm from the floor.

Although these regulations greatly reduce the risk that blinds pose to children, you should never leave a child unsupervised in a room with any blind.

Please consider that these safety measures have only been in place since mid 2014, therefore older blinds will not necessarily be child safe. Please be vigilant with children around older blinds.

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