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Creating quality vertical blind rails for the Fylde Coast

If you don’t want to have a whole new blind but your rail is getting old and worn out, then you can just get yourself a brand new rail. We construct our vertical head rails fully in house. Our quality rails are made using Louvolite’s high end components coming in a range of colours, the standard being white. But you can also choose to have your rail in either brushed silver, champagne, brown, black and anthracite.

Your new vertical blind rails can either be made to fit 5″ slats or 3.5″ slats. Our rails now utilise a control wand for tilting and drawing the slats across, this also works as a safety feature as unlike a cord you can not get caught on it.

Louvolite Vogue components and durable construction

When it comes to constructing your blinds, we only use high quality hardware and materials that are made to last. Our professionals utilise Louvolite Vogue components and heavy duty anodised aluminium headrails for maximum durability and sturdiness.

Visit our showroom for support

To get a new rail, you can either come into our showroom with the measurements of your old rail, bring your rail in for us to measure and dispose of, or one of our surveyors can come out to you to give you a quote for a new one and we can install a brand new one for you.


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