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Allusion blinds

The ultimate example of innovation in window dressings, stunningly designed and professionally fitted by the Devonshire Blinds team based in Thornton-Cleveleys, Blackpool.

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Allusion blinds bring texture, flexibility and pure ambiance to any modern home

Coming in a delightful combination of sheer and opaque textured fabric, allusion blinds represent luxury, convenience, and all the privacy and flexibility you could need.


The fabric has excellent light filtration qualities, meaning you can enjoy the glow of the natural light without putting up with any of its harsh glare. The louvres can also be tilted to provide the perfect compromise between light levels, privacy, and your view of the outside world. With their long drops and pure elegance, allusion blinds are perfect for any contemporary home.

Allusion blind

Take a look at the range of trending colours and sumptuous fabrics available with our allusion blinds

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A great option for large windows

The long drop capability of allusion blinds makes them ideal for bi-folds, patio doors and larger windows. Moreover, what gives them an edge over vertical blinds, is that the vanes aren’t connected by chains or cords, meaning you can pass through them while they’re closed!

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Great to look at, fire safe, and child safe

Allusion blinds are designed to be child safe, and are operated by a control wand for convenience and safety. What’s more, our new collection of fabrics features a range of neutral colours, including a fire-retardant range ideal for commercial properties.

Allusion blinds
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Bring a touch of contemporary class and luxury to your home with allusion blinds.

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