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Roller blinds: the low-maintenance window covering solution

At Devonshire Blinds we have been manufacturing Roller blinds in our Thornton-Cleveleys workshop since day one, stocking a wide array of contemporary and traditional roller blinds to suit any space. Providing you with functionality, style and sophistication for your home.

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The blind that blends simplicity, functionality and versatility of design

Roller blinds fit snugly into just about any window space, making them just as suited to a traditional home as they are to a more contemporary environment.


Functional, easy to operate and with plenty of style and sophistication to offer, they are ideal for anyone looking for a low-maintenance, universal option for any space – be it a child’s bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, or your living room!


Fabric options include standard, sheer, blackout, solar control, waterproof, and fire-retardant, alongside a range of additional detailing and finishes.

Roller Blinds

Our roller blind fabrics are manufactured right here in the UK. Why not take a look at a small sample of what's available?

Book an appointment or call our team on 01253 824972
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Our no-sew techniques mean your blinds will look smarter and sleeker than ever before

We construct all of our roller blinds using no-sew techniques, meaning your finished product won’t have a pocket sewn into the bottom.


This gives your brand-new roller blinds a sleek, chic finished look whilst giving them extra durability for the future.

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Lounge with roller blinds
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Take a look at a few of our customisable features

  • Cassettes and Bottom Bars
    Set your blinds apart from the rest by personalising them with a sleek cassette, which is fitted to the top of the blind to discreetly house the operating system. Choose from a range of colours including white, cream, silver, black, anthracite and fabric wrapped. Our roller blind bottom bars come fabric wrapped as standard. However, you can have one of our aluminium bottom bars, which are made in the same colour options as the cassettes.
  • Motor
    Modernise your home with a new motorised blind. We offer luxury, affordable mains- powered and battery-operated options, to help you easily control your blind. Using remote controls isn't just about convenience; it can make operating the blind easier for those who may otherwise struggle. Have a look at our Motorised Blinds page for more information.
  • Finishes
    Why not add a finishing touch to your blind such as decorative scallops, braids, and eyelets? This helps you personalise your blinds and coordinate them with your home decor. Visit our showroom and see for yourself how roller blinds can be made to suit your preference. Visit our showroom and see for yourself.
Living room with half-drawn blinds, overlooking river
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Bring a touch of contemporary class and luxury to your home with roller blinds.

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