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Child safe blinds

Concerned about child safety? At Devonshire Blinds, we take this matter extremely seriously. All of our window blinds comply with BS EN 13120 regulations.

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Child safety will always be your top concern – and it’s ours, too

Blinds with cords and chains (such as roller, Venetian, wooden, Roman and pleated blinds) pose a very serious risk to children. Since 2014, when new safety regulations came into force (BS EN 13120) all blinds have been required to come fitted with safety features that protect children from harm - this applies whether you have children in your home or not (since children could potentially visit you at any time).


At Devonshire Blinds, we make every effort to ensure the safety of our window coverings, providing peace of mind to parents and homeowners everywhere.


Please note that, regardless of any safety measures we have put in place, you should never leave a child unsupervised in a room where there are blinds.

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Our child safe window blinds still offer plenty of choice and scope for customisability

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What makes our blinds safe for children?

There are a variety of ways we can make blinds safer for kids. One option is to use the cordless-wand operating system, which means no cord is required for opening or closing your blinds.


Cleats and hooks (installed more than 1.5 metres above the ground) allow you to tidy away cords and loose strings, whilst breakaway child safety clips will cause the loop to come apart when pressure is exerted on it, minimising the harm caused by an accidental fall.

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  • Cassettes and Bottom Bars
    Set your blinds apart from the rest by personalising them with a sleek cassette, which is fitted to the top of the blind to discreetly house the operating system. Choose from a range of colours including white, cream, silver, black, anthracite and fabric wrapped. Our roller blind bottom bars come fabric wrapped as standard. However, you can have one of our aluminium bottom bars, which are made in the same colour options as the cassettes.
  • Motor
    Modernise your home with a new motorised blind. We offer luxury, affordable mains- powered and battery-operated options, to help you easily control your blind. Using remote controls isn't just about convenience; it can make operating the blind easier for those who may otherwise struggle. Have a look at our Motorised Blinds page for more information.
  • Finishes
    Why not add a finishing touch to your blind such as decorative scallops, braids, and eyelets? This helps you personalise your blinds and coordinate them with your home decor. Visit our showroom and see for yourself how roller blinds can be made to suit your preference. Visit our showroom and see for yourself.

How safe are our child safe blinds? Learn the key safety information about each type

child safety FAQs
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Safety always comes first. Need child safe blinds for your home? 

Come to the place that offers a vast array of choice alongside the highest levels of quality.

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