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Made-to-measure Venetian blinds

The classic blind that will never go out of style, our Venetians are available in both aluminium and wood to suit all spaces and personal tastes.

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Aluminium Venetian blinds

When it comes to colours and finishes that really pop, nothing does the trick like our wide range of aluminium blinds. From neutral colours that seamlessly blend into the background to bold colours and statement finishes, we’ll bring your concept to life with our free design service.

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Wooden Venetian blinds

We also stock an extensive range of wooden Venetian blinds. The natural feel and appearance of wood provides a truly timeless and sophisticated aesthetic – plus you'll benefit from the durability and longevity that this natural, renewable material brings.

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Get your Venetian blinds custom-made and fitted by our friendly team

Venetian blinds really do provide that classic touch of finesse and elegance that can benefit just about any space – especially when you want to maintain a sense of sophistication and poise.


Various slat styles are available

We find that perforated Venetian blinds are a popular choice, since they allow for an influx of natural light without subjecting you to any harsh glare. Slats can also come textured, available in 25mm width with either a free-hanging or perfect fit system - whichever is most suited to your needs.

Venetian Blinds

Take a closer look at our Venetian blinds collection

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Venetian blinds
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Interested in Venetian blinds? 

You’ll love just how much choice and quality we have to offer here at Devonshire Blinds.

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