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Bespoke Perfect Fit Shutters

Our bespoke window shutters are manufactured in our Thornton-Cleveleys workshop materials, designed and fitted by the Devonshire Blinds team.

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Introducing Perfect Fit Shutters,  the brand new innovation to the market putting you in control of light and privacy! 

Perfect Fit Shutters have been designed to fit your lifestyle effortlessly without having to drill any window frames or walls!


 Whether you crave a modern style or a cosy, traditional feel, these Shutters are perfect to match your living space! You’ll instantly recognise just how clean and sophisticated they appear.


Take a closer look at our perfect fit shutters

Book an appointment or call our team on 01253 824972
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What are the benefits of Perfect Fit Shutters?

~ They allow you to open and close windows and doors hassle-free
~ Allows more light in as the louvres sit closer to the glass
~ Window sills are clutter-free
~ Can be wiped clean
~ Installed within 3 to 4 weeks.
~ A fraction of the cost of plantation shutters

Upgrade your windows today and experience the beauty of Perfect Fit Shutters!

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Advice, measuring, manufacture, fitting. We do it all.

Not sure if your window is suited to perfect fit shutters? Need advice on materials, colours or finishes? Not only are we on hand to offer free, impartial advice, but we can you take through the entire journey, including design, manufacture, supply and installation.

Western Red Cedar Plantation Shutters
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Come see our collection of perfect fit shutters yourself by visiting our showroom.

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