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Introducing bespoke security shutters for Blackpool & the Fylde Coast

Taking Inspiration from the fashionable design and look of the plantation shutters. The new security shutters combine that sleek look with durability and hard-wearing aluminium.

Using the Italian patented locking mechanism, that operates the locking bolt. this secures the top and bottom of the shutter panel into the surrounding frame.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, the Portchester range is manufactured from corrosion resistant aluminium, making them a durable and hard-wearing solution for any space. Featuring Silent Tilt (removing the visible tilt rod), creates a sleek design with elegant contours, providing a beautiful alternative to security bars and grilles. If you have suffered a break-in in the past and want to feel more secure in your property, then the Portchester range is the choice for you.

Why choose Devonshire Blinds for your new Portchester security shutters?

We work closely with our supplier S-craft to ensure that you get the best quality and value shutters on the Fylde coast. Our security shutters offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • 89mm louvres
  • Available in satin white, charcoal and custom colour
  • Silent tilt – no visible tilt bar
  • Available in hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles
  • Patented Italian lock
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty (3 year for external shutters)

Portchester shutters are available with 89mm louvres in a choice of two colours; satin white and charcoal. They are a very close match to all our shutters and would not look out of place alongside our other ranges.  The main discernible difference is the subtle addition of a lock. They have been aesthetically designed to closely match our non-security shutter ranges, creating a seamless interior design.

Portchester shutters come in a range of styles, depending on the size of your window. Aluminium is very heavy so they are ideal for smaller windows as well as room dividers and conservatory doors.  They are available in full height, bifold and bypass styles

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Smaller windows
  • Room dividers
  • Patio or conservatory doors
  • More vulnerable windows

Plantation shutters are one of the most versatile window coverings available.  They offer excellent insulation keeping you cool in summer and warmer in winter, they also help increase the rooms level of sound insulation.  With each panel being adjustable independently shutters offer a great solution to balance light and privacy within a property, perfect for bedrooms or windows facing the street.  Being virtually maintenance free and especially easy to clean shutters make a great choice for almost any home.

Portchester shutters are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When fitted indoors, they look like a stylish plantation shutter from the exterior, an aesthetic alternative to security bars or grilles. Equally, they can provide an exterior layer of protection against the elements for exposed properties, and are also ideal for patio doors and pergolas.

These security shutters are robust, durable and incredibly strong. Manufactured in South Africa, a country noted for its focus on security, the range includes patented Italian locks with a double key turn. This operates locking bolts to secure both the top and bottom of the shutter.

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